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Preserving samples for future research


We want to address issues in current sample handling standards in Biobanks. By developing a new sample handling process for fluid biosamples. Our solution will protect sample integrity throughout the biobanking processes, thereby supporting the research in the fight against resilient diseases.

Product info

Our business idea is to solve these problems by creating a new way to handle blood samples in biobanks that will eliminate the needs for both repeated freeze-thawing and repetitive division into smaller samples.

Pick sample from freezer.

Extracting and unfreezing only the required amount.

Analyze the sample.


The team behind Bioserva is diverse and has a broad knowledge base to draw from. With both technical expertise and business development experience, the team is well equipped to develop the best solutions to support future research

Lisa Hanse

Design, Marketing and Product Development
+46 734 36 83 62

Sammie Chimusoro

Engineering, Finance and Marketing
+46 765 59 51 25

Mikael Sjöblom

Business Development, Operations and Logistics
+46 703 48 66 88

Maja Olsson

Molecular Medicine Research

Mikael Löfgren

Medtech Expertise and Product Development

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Mikael Sjöblom
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