Preserving samples for future research

Kallaid addresses issues in current biomedical sample handling. We have developed a new sample handling process for blood samples (any liquid biopsies). Our patent pending solution is not only more efficient and will save resources but will also protect sample integrity throughout the biobanking processes. Thus, supporting research in the fight against resilient diseases.


Medical research is constantly making progress and in order to conduct research, an increasing number of blood samples are required. The samples are stored in biobanks. Each sample is a unique snapshot of a patient’s current status and can never be recreated. As the blood samples are sensitive, handling and storage of the samples is crucial to guarantee correct results and successful research.  The mission of Kallaid is to preserve sample quality for future research. For that purpose we are developing a new sample handling system.

To maintain integrity, blood samples are stored in low temperature freezers at -80ºC. To withdraw a sample the full volume has to be thawed. The amount required for an analysis is withdrawn and the remaining blood in the tube is refrozen to be used for more studies.


Refreezing a blood sample decrease the quality of the blood and that leads to less reliable research results. This limits the potential of samples and results in a resistance using valuable samples in new studies. The refreezing procedure is also inconvenient and requires resources. To counter this challenge samples today are often aliquoted, divided, before freezing. A typical sample of 2 ml may be divided into 10 aliquots of 200 μl.

When the sample is divided into smaller tubes through aliquoting, the tubes take up more space in the freezer. Space utilization usually is below 10% in freezers with today’s state of the art storage solutions. Novel analysis techniques use less sample, down to as little as a few µl. Today’s storage does not benefit from this amazing improvement, as sample today are stored in much larger aliquots.


Our business idea is to solve these problems by creating a new way to handle blood samples in biobanks that will eliminate the needs for both repeated freeze-thawing and repetitive division into smaller samples.

Enabling usage of the stored material in more studies and reducing risk of material degradation creates value beyond quantification. Having a more efficient and controlled collection procedure also allowing for shorter time to freeze, more robust tracking and lower shipment volumes, will be of high value.

Pick sample from freezer.

Extracting and unfreezing only the required amount.

Analyze the sample.


The team behind Kallaid is diverse and has a broad knowledge base to draw from. With both technical expertise and business development experience, the team is well equipped to develop the best solutions to support future research

Maja Olsson
Ph.D. Molecular Medicine

Maja, being the idea creator, has a background as laboratory researcher within various research groups at Gothenburg University. Having set up studies, preparing samples for analysis, doing bio-informatics to find the results, she has a wide knowledge of the field and is able to define requirements to fulfill customer needs.

Mikael Löfgren
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Contributing with a broad technical experience within both electronics, mechanics, fluidics and production technology, Mikael has co-founded start-ups within Medtech, being responsible for technology development, production and quality assurance from idea to CE approved medical device. Inventor to several patents.